In 35 minutes I will land in Dever. I have slept the majority of the 9 and a half hour flight. Watched both A Star is Borns and Phantom Thread. I was just blasted by a sadness that brought tears to my eyes. I probably won’t return to Italy. A place that lent me challenges, beauty, and joy will be locked in that place. The bank of memories filled with hundreds of volumes of my life to be covered with webs of misentanglements and dulled experience like all great things. A part of the past of my life, and now back to the reality. Doctors, dogs, driving, dishes, and the many other things that are my life.Do not get me wrong, my life is great, but Italy was a paradise for me. Watching a world of art, water, history, faith, and so much love was intoxicating. Walking through it everyday, stopping to watch a pair of lovers that fifty years hadn’t dulled thier happiness. The ones just starting on the path with hope and promise, and the sparkle in thier eyes. For the most part, people don’t smile in Venice, and I fund the gruffness laughable. Wether they know it or not, they are live in a beautiful, magical land.I had always thought I would stay in Italy when I went to visit. At least a year, but I was in my early 20s then. I’m a big girl now with responsibilities and commitments. I hope one day to return, but I am happy that I will not regret missing it!

One thought on “Sad…

  1. I have had the same feeling about some of the places I have visited: Kona, Kathmandu, Christchurch, Havana…


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