Se bon ti vol parer, el buso del cuo te ga da doer..If you want to look good you have to suffer!It’s a famous Venetian saying..I’ve seen 2 women in stilettos yikes! I just have boots on and they are tricky. I almost put a pair on this evening, but a sprained ankle is the LAST thing i need. Long day of travel awaits, staring at me, shaking it’s head..the unmovable beast. I want to buck against, push him back, but there’s no use. The responsibility of home and real life awaits. I’m excited for it to begin, scared, but this dream is tough to wake from.It’s as if you’re in the movie Labyrinth twirling around, stairs moving, never reaching the end goal. I want to continue getting lost and found in this great city, and then jumping on the train taking in each little town along the way. Making friends, meeting people, and someday eating well.

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