Back in the swing…

…of things, yeah, sure, okay. I stopped taking all painkillers the day I got back. I suppose I owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for hiding what was really happening in my body. I would’ve never made it through Italy without them. I doubt that I’m going to get much better, pain wise, so I better get used to my new norm. Fxck!!!

Clearly, I’ve been through much worse, but it’s going to take time to acclimate to this much, forever. Reminds me of my favorite church..

That’s exactly what I feel like. I’m thoroughly depressed, but I put on my happy face, went through the motions, and spent a few hours in public. All I want to do is sleep, and cry a bit.

Buy2Beat and Shop2Beat need me to adjust my crown and take on the world! My book needs work, and all I’ve managed to do is edit a few lines. My pet sitting business has kept me a bit on my toes though.

The thing I love about traveling is the lack of television. I put on a music channel at night, but it stays off. So many more wonderful things are accomplished without one.

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