Busy bee…

That’s what I’ve been. The Relay for Life is just 2 weeks away, speech to prepare, Andy’s Animals booked solid, Buy2Beat updates, products to try, Shop2Beat orders keeping me up all night, 5-6 therapy appointments a week, my writing has suffered. I know a big part of feeling overwhelmed is the exhaustion I feel. Ever since I got home, stopped taking meds, the pain is kicking my butt. I’m not worried though, because I know I will adjust.

The headaches are taking over, and the therapy is making it worse. No pain no gain right? I will find my center, but right now I’m rabbit stuck in a slug’s body. So much to do, very little energy to apply my enthusiasm. Enough about my fun stuff.

I still wish I was back in Italy! Had a beautiful dream of Rome, the rain was falling, and St. Peter’s Basilica, Michelangelo’s dome was in the reflection of the rain. I looked up and saw the sun rise. I was washed with love and peace.

I know I shouldn’t worry, it’s silly, but I know Mom is in pain, Aunt Lu Lu is suffering, and there’s a sore spot in my mouth. I do worry, and wish there was something I could do. I wish Mom would quit her horrible job and enjoy herself more. I wish I could pick Lu Lu up and float her painlessly through Italy! If there was a way to visit everyone I want to, I wish I could find it. I wish I could stop worrying about my recovery.

I need to right this photo, and stop wishing. I’m a problem solver after all. Change the things I can!!!

One thought on “Busy bee…

  1. Sweetheart, you’ll get through this, and you know you will! You are strong, you are invincible, you are woman!


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