Thoughts of a girl…

I’m not saying this is bad, please let me preface that, but I was just watching a show and realized the first time I wanted to achieve perfection started when I was barely 4.

No magazines said I had to be. For me it was school and sports. The perfect student, uniform, routine, costumes, hair, grade, ect. I have sporadic memories of my childhood, but achieving to be the best was always my goal. If I wasn’t there were consequences.

I wonder what it’s like for children these days who never have to live up to expectations or get congratulated for mediocrity. Are they hard on themselves when they fail? Clearly, as a bail bondsman, I didn’t run into the typical millennial, and the few I know are exceptional. They didn’t receive special treatment, or should I say ambiguous approval. The bar was set high and they went far and above.

Not being a Mother myself, I didn’t meet many of those who set the bar at above average. Ribbons of participation don’t grace my walls. Do they have goals, aspirations beyond a C, and who is behind it? Parents, coach, teacher, or is it in the individual to rise above?

I hope all of you set out this week to do some great things. If you fold the laundry when you normally don’t, do the dishes piling up, or smile at the meanest person you know, do the NEXT best thing!

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