Hodge podge..

Mixed weekend, but bold! Friday was GREAT! I was sick to my stomach all day, but I tried to get rest knowing that a big night was ahead. Sorry, THAT was fantasy land, no refund. I’ve been looking forward to my first speech. Trepidation entered my mind briefly, but in all honesty I have wanted to embark on this journey for years. I want and should help people to charge of their disease if I can

I rushed the speech a bit, but all in all it was a good start. I pray one person hears it, and pushes to help themselves! I wish I had fought harder to keep my spot as the opening speaker, because I would have reached more people but the universe has a way. I’ll trust it.

I was blessed seeing so many of my caregivers and knowing thier love carried past my treatment. I love them, and it’s incredible that they still even remember the pain in the butt! I know they have hundreds of people to care for, and I’m humbled.

Through pain, worry, exhaustion, Team Andy held up, BLESS YOU!!!

Saturday was my first time going to the Boise Music Festival. I had never been, and it was good. I visited with an old friend, listened to good bands, laughed at the drama, tried a new tattoo, ate a small hot dog, and had a GREAT tarot card reading next to my dear friend.

I wanted to fish this morning, but my alarm didn’t go off so I started packing my guns. I’ve been terrified of shooting since chemo left me with tinnitus, loud noise hurt and brain surgery left me half blind. How could I possibly shoot my guns? I bought one so that I wouldn’t give up, price tag motivation haha. 30 06 Remington with a Leopold scope called my name, and I was going to try damn it! I want to hunt again!

So I was on my way, but my angel called, and invited me to a wine festival. I asked if we could stop at the range, and all of a sudden I wasn’t alone! I was ecstatic that my friend wanted me to join her and her new/old beau on a Sunday excursion! I showed her how to shoot a rifle, they didn’t laugh that my aim was off, the wine festival was fabulous, and the wonderful people I know her held up there end of the bargain…I’m not alone!!

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