Scan away..

Another PET scan..woo hoo. I’m surprised I don’t glow green. I’ve had more scans than I can count, but I think this makes 5 PETs. The only bitch about them is you have to sit in a room for an hour while the juju courses through the blood stream. No eating certain foods, drinking only clear fluids, just fun stuff all the way around.

Ok, now they’re saying I don’t have a scan. Great, I skipped breakfast for nothing. I still have other appointments so at St. Al’s waiting for labs. (Blood test.) I think of all the time I spent here last year. Easily 1/4 of the year, just spanned throughout. It’s nice to see all my friends here, although I prefer it outside the hospital like at the Relay for Life. Needless to say, I’m here to pick and poke.

Low and behold they do want a scan, just doing a ct scan instead, and at 4 PM. Just where you want to be before rush hour traffic. The hospital..ugg. Yet as the dutiful patient I am, I go for the test. They plunge the iodine in and it makes you warm and fuzzy all over. Makes you feel like you peed your pants. SERIOUSLY! The first one I had the nurse failed to mention it, and I was afraid to stand up after. I would have bet good money that I peed my pants. These are quick, took 15 minutes and I was barreling through town to beat the rush.

Traffic in Boise has reached major city status in the last 2 years. People keep pouring in by the thousands, and don’t think how they are corrupting this small town, turning it into the place they are fleeing from. I would say wait, until they’ve poured in and perhaps housing costs in Southern California will go back to reasonable prices, but that’s NEVER going to happen.

Ok, so result day. First nurse down, vitals look awesome, second nurse down, went over prescription refills, and now the wait for…drum roll please..


My savior, the woman who burned my mouth up until the cancer was GONE! (Along with the skin covering my jaw bone, but that’s ok!) The reason I will most likely die of skin cancer, because I have had my lifetime exposure to radiation. Better hope I don’t get it again or I will end up like Beth Chapman who sadly passed away yesterday. For those of you who don’t know, Beth was the President of the Bail Association while I was a bail bondsman. She and her husband, Dog the Bounty Hunter, had a TV show about recovering fugitives. She was a strong, powerful woman who beat Cancer in 2017, only for it to return the following year. She will be missed by a large, loving family, and my prayers go out to them.

This is why I GET EVERYTHING CHECKED! SO SHOULD YOU!!!! She felt something was wrong for 2 months and ignored it. NEVER ignore your body. Pay attention and talk to a Doc! Not sure about the treatment? Talk to another Doc! Don’t be afraid to get multiple opinions!!!

All clear on the cancer front..thyroid is VERY bad. We are working on fixing!

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