Can I

Can I have my stuff?A toy that brings me so much joy? The one I refuse to share.

Can I have my room? A place to be alone?

Clean it up, everything in it’s place.

Can I have my space?I’m so suffocated?

Why do you tell me who to be and where to go?

I can’t live with you telling? Do it better than you. I will! Let me go.

You told me I should and I would need so many things.The house to hide under as it sinks me to the ground.

Furniture must fill to appease the crowd. Family barely waiting for me to arrive.

Pay my bills and taxes. Dress, spic and span, everything that vexes.

Wish I had less. Did I need it ALL?

Alone I stare at these 4 walls..the dream I left behind.

Giving the best that I could to no one who ever would.

They’ll cry for me those rotten tears.

I’ll cry for me the forgotten years.

2 thoughts on “Can I

  1. As I sit quietly, I turn my awareness inward, to that sacred space of peace, wholeness and love. That place, that connection to the Infinite Intelligence reminds me that Spirit is everywhere present. It is in all beings, living or not. It is in the trees and water of my beloved Big Bear Valley. It is the Power and Presence that some call God. And I am part of that magnificence.

    And I know and affirm that what is true of me, that I am part of God, is also true of Andy. Peace is available to her, as is the Love that Spirit is. Wholeness and healing are hers. Life and vibrant energy are hers to spare. Andy continues to live in service to the greater cause she has chosen, and lives in optimism and beauty.

    I am grateful that I know this truth about Andy. I have gratitude for this Life, this Spirit, this Divine Intelligence that I call God, I have gratitude for prayer that affirms all of these things. And I release this prayer knowing that all is well. And so it is. Amen


    1. That was absolutely the nicest thing you have EVER said or done for me! Thank you very much for that prayer. I will carry it with me ALWAYS!!!! I send my love to you both in that beautiful valley!


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