I think, do I?

2019…What a year so far. January in Belize, start nonprofit in February, fishing tournament, San Diego, Cancun, start FBA, learn said FBA (work in progress darling), writing book, Andy’s Animals, Italy, Doctors, therapy, family illness, Relay for Life, first big speech, and now gratefully the CBD company. Half of said year has gone by in a blink.

Friends have been lost and made, health up and down, money here and gone, but what a ride! I’m tired in the best possible way! If I wake up tomorrow it will be filled with a plethora of tasks, but if not I wouldn’t regret a minute!

I’ve fumbled and bumbled this year, but I lived and learned. Still I wish for life and love. Cry in sadness, smile with joy. I want to give it my all, and I hope you will follow! Energy is AMAZING! I’ll share!

2 thoughts on “I think, do I?

  1. Well, I wrote you an affirmative prayer last night and lost it somehow signing in to post it so that you could read it. I think the prayer worked anyway! I wrote you a new one this morning. I just love you to pieces!


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