The simplest question..

A post on social media drew quite a stir this week. A man asked if women ever apologize when they’re wrong

Of course dozens of his female friends were ripe with responses.

I said, “Yes, do you?”

He replied that while he could be a stubborn ass, he did. After so many passionate pleas he ended up apologizing to us which I felt was preposterous. He asked a simple question.

I responded, “I’ve learned 2 great truths in life about people. I cannot control what other people will do. I can control myself and how I react to it. I react badly sometimes and when I do I apologize. Hell, when I’m not wrong I apologize…to a point!

I lost my bestfriend because I will know longer apologize for things I didn’t do. This post strikes a VERY personal response in everyone. We’ve all been wrong and wronged. You have NOTHING to apologize to me for!”

Memories of great friendship gone bad…

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