On the way to the ball…

Tonight is the Garth Brooks concert..BALL! the journey started the second it was announced he was coming to Boise. Although I grew up in “non” country music life, this man’s songs captured my heart from the first song, which I will NEVER forget was “The Dance”.

I knew I wouldn’t miss this experience for ANYTHING. Even knowing the tickets went on sale while I was in Italy. And that is where the subsequent drama began.

I got the call in Rome, “Give me your card..got Garth tickets,” and my card flew out of my wallet on command. I didn’t understand how tickets were available the day before they went on sale. I just accepted the glorious news and continued on my FABULOUS vacation in Italy. Secure in the knowledge that tickets were in my grasp, all stress was eliminated !!

Then the day of, an hour and a half before the concert, I was told by my handheld life support that no cars were available to take us to the event. Not a BIG problem, I have a car. So, on the way to the stadium I continue to try and get an Uber from various locations on the way. I successfully book a car from a local hotel. She is on the way, we get situated in the back of the parking lot.

“Do you have tickets?”

“Yes, right here.” I pull up Ticketmaster on my lifeline. OMG

Get a notice that you must print the tickets. Ok, I can fix this, and while it wasn’t easy I fixed it, got us the best concert EVER!!! Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton.

NOTHING went as planned..leaving the concert was ANOTHER disaster.

Here’s my infinite wisdom…

1) Life is going to throw you curve balls. Breath! People around you will panic in different ways. Stay grounded, don’t join the madness!

2) SHUT UP! Throw a suggestion out, but it’s hardly ever worth it. Offer a solution, no one wants one. I DON’T know why.

3) BE FUCKING HAPPY!! No one can take it, and it’s free!! You decide every second of EVERY day..make YOUR choice!

Sorry..my phone crashed. Hope this helps

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