It’s the hair..

I have NEVER in my life gotten so much silly attention. I have been equated to EVERY actress and singer who EVER had short hair. I look like everyone, most recently, Esther Williams. I don’t look ANYTHING like her, Bridgette Nielson, Sinead O’Connor, Demi Morre, Charlize Theron or any other famous person. As much as most of you LOVE the hair, I’m tired of it being the most important thing about me….

I left this as a draft because it felt too much like a petty rant. It’s not!

Screw all of you idiots eqating me to ANYONE!! Tonight I was, once again, given the run down of my hair and who I remind YOU of…SOD OFF!

If you don’t know me, leave your comments and equations where they belong, in your tiny, minute, skulls! If I chose to compliment someone, I hardly EVER equate them unless it’s HALLOWEEN! GREAT dress..Elvira!

I don’t look like ANYONE but ME! Get it through your THICK SKULLS!


Keep it to yourself! I am NONE of your business, and if I want your opinion I will give it to you!

Maybe I’ll be Marylin or Jane tomorrow..

I’m no longer a side show act and neither is my FUCKING hair!

I’m ready to put a bag over my head at this point! Now that I think about it, I was never assaulted with these “compliments” like this in Europe. Nor when I have a hat on. I think I will go fishing, I’d rather me mistaken for a man!!!

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