Electricity in the air…

I’ve been very busy, 5 companies to run, websites to build, product to buy, people to bargain with, advertising campaigns to run, products to test, list, photograph, optimize, search engine optimization, livestreams, q and a’s, mentoring, classes, programs, dogs, backyard, meet and greets, meetings, new customer, clients, suppliers, taxes, accounting, reports, clean house, do laundry, groceries, doctors, therapy, medicine, throw in a new exercise program, and a fishing trip tomorrow if the weather will settle down.

Which brings me to this which a friend posted tonight. I have had fewer moments of sorrow since I have begun to find success. Too busy to feel bad for something I didn’t do, or morn a friendship that I thought bulletproof.

I saw a beautiful photo of a woman going through chemo with her best friend. Hugging each other the caption read we go through this together. Never to part. It reminded me Bodnar being by my side, and I was sad until I scrolled a bit farther and saw this.

Unbelievable things are happening and I’m the sole creator of them. I wasted too many days, and now is the time to rise and shine! Aunt Lu Lu used to say that every morning. Now, with a touch of, “holy shit I can’t believe I’m doing this, without a net,” I’m charging a whole new path that is completely new to me or my world! Feel the fear and do it anyway, the road less traveled, Dr. Peck I am!

Watch me FLY!!!

2 thoughts on “Electricity in the air…

  1. WOW!!! I love to read about your commitment to thrive! You have accomplished magical things this past couple of years. You must be so proud. I love you, Andy.

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