A bit of fluff..

On the rerouted flight home due to a hydraulic leak, I find myself next to a physicist who travels across the world to conferences in search of dark matter. He put his computer away for landing, and we started a light hearted conversation. Clearly he is a genius in the scientific field, but we started talking philosophy. Not what I had intended l, I assure you, but we had time to kill.

The responsibility of ultimately finding something so imminently destructive. The impact it would have on the planet. The power to destroy mankind. Does a sceintist worry about the implications? Thse were just some of the “friendly” questions I asked. He informed me that it’s discussed, but the ability to stake claim overshadows thoughts of consequence.

I’m hoping that the hypocrisy is disturbing to someone reading this. The same scientists banging the drum to save the planet are in the race of their lives to find it’s destruction.

So scientists are allowed to pursue, and in most cases subsidized by the government, the planet’s demise…..But loosening regulations to ease the burden of struggling families and small business which MIGHT harm the environment is immoral? They can destroy the world in a blink as long as it’s in the name of science and recognition. Go ahead and blame all the consumers for the destruction of the world. Apparently only Republicans consummed carbon monoxide and voted for special interest groups. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Who has the lack of conscience?

2 thoughts on “A bit of fluff..

  1. Interesting post. Yes, some (not all) scientists are oblivious to the consequences of what they may discover. (Any practical application of “dark matter” is decades away at least.) So are some politicians oblivious. Nowadays I am more interested in what our planet will look like in the next 30 years. Many, instead of trying to read/understand for themselves, are believing whatever their favorite talking head says is true. We as humans, can each work to mitigate the effects of global climate change. Instead, the argument is whether climate change is real or not. Silly human beings!


  2. Of course climate change is real,look at the last 65 million years. It is mainly caused by the SUN and the earth’s reaction to hot and cold. Not what man does or does do!


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