I was recently offered a position to be a coach for a company because I had reach a level of expertise in their program and they felt I could be beneficial to their new students. Being the “love to help” person that I am, I agreed to a few hours a day. The job was fun and fulfilling for the first few weeks. Helping people explore their hope for a better life and guide them through obstacles. Listening to their desires, spend more time with their family, quit their awful job, create a new product, and build empires. Giving the guidance they needed to reach all these dreams, to make it attainable, and give hope for such goals was exciting! I loved it.

Then the roadmap for my department changed course drastically, twice. No matter what I said, i would never change the mind of the wizard. So, I gracefully bowed out and moved on. Clearly something was wrong behind the curtain, but my team was crippled by the way it was being changed.

Three people jumped ship in one night. Of course with this added responsibility came no additional compensation which caused turbulence throughout the team. All of a sudden I’m in a corporate mentality all of which we started in the program in order to avoid it.

My thought for the day is simple. The word “NO” is a sentence.

When someone tells you to do something you don’t believe in, say NO! When a doctor gives you a diagnosis you don’t think is right, get another opinion! Stand up for yourself! No one will do it better!!!

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