Bad days hit..

Sometimes you don’t know why, when, or how, but they do. Unless you are completely sociopathic, you look in the mirror and wonder who you are. Reflecting on perhaps the past, how did you get here! Why did this or that happen to me? When did something change? How did I miss it?

I saw my face today. I looks so different, my skin looks odd, while I was getting ready for a witch party I couldn’t see me. It felt like a clown was trying to paste make up on corpse.

Without formaldehyde the decay happens quickly. I couldn’t fill in the cracks fast enough. I can’t do my eyes because I can’t see. I got so frustrated, and the bad day hit. It’s been lurking, just underneath.

Amazon fucking my new business, incompetent dickheads, being belittled, stolen from, lied to, hijacked, are all things contributing to my bad day. Then I look in the mirror, and can’t see me. I kept it together for so long, but I need to acknowledge the bad day just once.

So I’m posting these today! Get them over with!

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