Some self pity, šŸ˜– hate this!

A few things have got me rattling like a Ford pinto on 3 tires. I went out to the woods hunting. Gazing across monolithic mountain ranges, crisp fall, clean air in my lungs, Mother Nature’s painting in spectacular colors, and all my life, a place of serenity to me. I camped as a child and later as adult with true love for nature! At times in my younger years I actually lived in the woods.

A profound, depressing, and painful new reality exists for me..tinnitus. I was out appreciating the immense view of the beautiful valley from the top of the world when the ringing became so overpowering my head throbbed. Tears sprung to my eyes at this painful intrusion and I wished I would’ve bought the $2500 hearing aids.

For those who don’t know, tinnitus causes a high pitched ringing/screeching in your head. Mine was a gift from chemotherapy. The doctors say I will, “get used to it” just like the loss of eyesight. Maybe when I can’t see the mountains I will no longer be upset about not being able to enjoy their company. šŸ˜­

Rant #2

I read inspirational books. I should say I listen now. There was a time when I couldn’t stop reading, but with my eyes so bad reading and writing has actually become painful. So, I’m trying to listen to books now even though ear buds inch like crazy.

I digress. So, I read all these cheerleading business books. They tell me to get out of my comfort zone, believe in myself, take risks, be uncomfortable, dare the unimaginable right? You’ve read one or listened to some one telling you how to achieve. My current one:

You’ve probably heard examples..Bell, Roosevelt, Lincoln, even Schwarzenegger have been used as examples in these discussions. I recently said I would love to sit down with Bezos because innovation fascinates me. Now, I’d like to kick his ASS!!

Here is my problem…I watch all these people go through FBA entrepreneurship with ease, but my company is met with one disaster after another because of Amazon’s inept systems. I’m floored this company has made it when I suffer from their neverending mistakes! Then again, they don’t do this to all the sellers.

I know I can do this if just a few things would go correctly at the receiving department’s fulfillment centers. Just do your job, I’m paying for it, and pay me the thousands you owe me for losing my inventory!!šŸ˜– I’m taking the chance, believing in myself, working hard, daring to dream and all the other bumper sticker slogans for fuck’s sake! HELP ME!

Rants done.

Back to howling at the moon!