“To travel is to live.”

This year has been an adventure of a lifetime! Belize, (AMAZING new friends), Women With Bait fishing tournament, Cancun, started 2 companies, and San Diego, for Brandi 50th, learned an entirely new business, Italy (what CAN’T I say?),, writer’s guild, Elaine Ambrose, FANTASTIC new people in my life, San Diego fishing with Frank and Danny, then with my brother a few weeks later, back to Belize with girlfriend (even more new friends), and now I wait to go home so I can fly to Missouri to hunt with Dad.

In between, I had my WONDERFUL animals, and am in the process of 2 more companies.

What a whirlwind of delight! Life can be thrilling if you try. I see it in the people around me. The lovely students from Denmark on holiday from their studies in Mexico, the backpackers headed North for the Riviera Maya, (not a clue where they are spending the night), the visitors from the mainland on a rare holiday, (what a treat for the children to see the beaches). Just as some have never seen the beach or snow in America, so is true in the Caribbean.

Life is so precious and poignant everywhere I discover, and is found again in the places I return to.

The lively smiles, weary faces, determined demeanor, all surround me as we board the ferry to take us away. A paradise for some, others disappointment but none can escape the glory of the sea!

“To travel is to live,” said Hans Christian Andreson, and I feel ALIVE!

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