Devil is in the desire..

Since he is scared of me, I will take the golden fiddle! To be free is a constant debate and filled with misconceptions. Are you free to do whatever you want? ABSOLUTELY, but consequence inevitably follows. In my opinion, freedom is more of privilege. The comedian, George Carlin and I totally agree. If it’s a right, it can be taken away.

It’s a privilege really. To have transparency with the governing bodies so that they cannot overstep the power of the office and are held accountable by the people.

Division or diversity, right vs wrong, go left and step off, why must we only have the perception presented to us? Get it?

What color is the sunset?

Do you prefer the ocean or mountain? Who’s desire is right? Who’s happiness is left?

Stay with me for a moment please. I may disagree with you and you me. I once sat for an hour in Tennessee listening to 3 guys who couldn’t agree on directions to a hardware store. You can do it!

How bad would it be for all of us to read the 10 commandments in the house everyday? Say a prayer? You don’t have to include religion, just silently or aloud bless the day and be thankful. Could it render harm to send our children off to school with an appreciation for all that they have and love in their hearts for the other people in the world? Would it KILL us to look on our own day and say thankfully you have a job, home, and food? Maybe write a reminder to treat someone especially nice each day even though they make your blood boil or say a kind word to a homeless person.

I can tell you right now that this “living in constant fear” existence is the wrong path. I worry about my Brother because of a sticker he has on his car. I want to wear my birthday present, but real fear of assault gives me pause. I saw a picture of Martin Luther King today and wished I could walk with him.

I’ll never agree with you, and vice versa but I will NEVER know hate for you. Belize constantly tested me. I agreed to disagree so many times over football, politics, religion it was as if I was being tested. I walked away from people who wanted to start arguments. STOP! I don’t want to debate about Roethlisberger’s ability to throw the ball. Kaepernick’s right to take a knee. Religion on school. This doesn’t include the ABSOLUTELY horrible lies that are said about me..I’m stopping now!

We MUST stop the hate no matter the desire! Got nothin’ but LOVE ❤🙏 have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!