Hi 45!

I made it. Miraculously, I have survived 45 years. Never thought I’d make it to 30, so this is a lot of gravy. I prefer it to whipped cream, but quite a bit of topping anyway! 10 different careers (at least), owned 7 companies, countless jobs, written 2 books, 3 marriages, lived in 6 states, 2 countries, traveled to 9 countries, driven cross country 6 times (once on a motorcycle), survived cancer, 9 surgeries, loved, lost, rich, poor, and left a legacy. Even now I’m learning new niches for the future I’ve set forth for myself and planning more trips.

In sickness and health I’ve tried to always be kind and do good, although not always successful, I’ve tried to right any wrongs. I’m thrilled that my relationship with family has gotten better with time. Most recently with my Brother, my cup runneth over that we are working together. I’ll be celebrating with Mom and Dad in Missouri for the last time! They will be heading to Florida.

I’ve seen the changes, and resisted the evolution of technology. 7 Presidents have governed, 2 wars, women and gay rights expand, social network explode, newspapers fall, and sadly seen the rise in violence across the globe.

This next decade should be my best! With a clear vision and specific goal, I charge ahead to help people suffering from critical illnesses. Buy2beat.org will grow, andyscaramels.com will get merchant services, and I will get a non fiction book published.

The people in my life are AWESOME! What a crew! They are a spectacular circle of beauty in my life that shares each others joy, fear, and pain. We offer support, give our time, and pay attention! When we can be together, we are PRESENT!!!

I will continue my work with American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. Already set to fight for home based chemotherapy in January at the Capitol. I will give more speeches on patient advocacy.

In just one year and so much has changed. 2018 was tough with all the illnesses and surgeries. Going forward I have ongoing health challenges and a world of what ifs and who knows. I talked to a lady last night who’s Father plans his whole life by his P.E.T. scans. For those who don’t know, it’s shows cancer cells. I will not let my health dictate my life. I have set up way to have a life if I go blind, professionally and that’s about all I can do. Go to therapy, doctor appointments, and one more surgery next week. The last year felt like a lifetime in and of itself. 2019 became a positive drive I haven’t had since I was a teenager!

This girl can!

I am going to focus on helping others.

Don’t worry I will finish book 3.

Of course, I will continue to travel!

So far, this has been one hell of a ride. A roller coaster of epic proportions! A fight to the (almost) death. Whatever is next I will do my best!

7 thoughts on “Hi 45!

  1. Happy Birthday my incredible sister! Your positivity and drive to live this life to the fullest has been a beautiful thing to watch from a far. I hope 2020 brings us together and perhaps even share a journey to a new place. I love you endlessly and am your biggest cheerleader (next to mom, of course!) XOXOXOX

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