It’s a bust..really?

After 2 months of focused effort on my hunts, I came up empty handed. For the first time I went after males and shockingly, I didn’t get one. Why do they get the rack? Not fair. Several people have offered their condolences others have silently rejoiced. (Scavengers know who you are. I like to earn my meals.) Even Mom dropped me off at the airport at 6 am and apologized that I didn’t harvest. Dad on the way home last night…no apologizies! Completely unnecessary! Here’s the thing, as with fishing, there’s nothing to be sorry about! I sat for 10 hours one day just listening to sounds of squirrels, 5 hours of freezing cold, final moments watching turkeys cross the road. More countless hours thinking of what has and will become of me. Never saw a buck. Oh well.

Dad and I in 30 and 60 degrees.

I was able to spend time in Missouri with my Dad who I haven’t seen in a few years due to my health. Not a conversationalist, dear Dad and I rarely speak, not in a bad way though. Let me assure you, the regrets you have in life are those you don’t get to spend with your loved ones. I wonder if this boy grew up, had kids, and would’ve taken me fishing?

I was on a mission to see one more thing and catch one last fish in case my eyesight should fail. I’m glad I did it, but the real trips I took, the ones with lasting, heartfelt memories are the ones with my family, friends, and nature. Spending another birthday with Mom was especially poignant after my year of cancer, aneurism, necrosis, and neverending neuralgia.

6 years, in sickness and health, still feel like a little girl saying goodbye.

Unimaginable time with my brother, watching him catch his first fish on his boat he’s been too busy to see! NICE Robano, skipjack run, but no yellowfin tuna!

Time with dear friends, Brandi and Danny. New friends Joan and Kim in Belize. The point is not what we did, but that we were together.

I wonder all the time what would life had been like if my Father Andy was alive. The different paths I may have taken, and if I would be anything like the person I’ve become today? These flights of fancy are the driving force behind my need to fulfill every important, immediate desire. Life is short. After losing Andy at his ripe old age of 35, I treasure each moment. So, is spending time with family, friends, doing things like fishing, hunting, EVER a bust? Not to me!

Be with those who love you, if only for a moment!

I did get to fish a bit thanks to my FABULOUS friends!! I love you all!!! You know I am a happy hooker from I-da-ho. While I’m not funny I do love to laugh and i have no qualms being the brunt of the joke.

In short, haha, I urge you all to choose happiness (it’s free), and never look upon an adventure of mine as a failure. You may not know it’s ultimate goal.

I DON’T FAIL! I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams!