The final curtain….

The last thing to do after you beat cancer is to take out the port. A port is a plastic mechanism with tubes that run directly into your veins. When you recieve regular treatment, like chemotherapy, it’s much easier to stick a needle in and prevents the patient from looking like a heroin addict. I loved mine, but now that I am cancer free the device is no longer needed. So CIAO!

See the bump on my chest..that’s the port.

The removal is a GREAT moment as it signifies the end of your battle. It’s better than ringing the bell, it means the doctors are convinced you are done! Even though I have months of physical therapy to still go through, and a lifetime of pain to deal with I am thrilled at this milestone!

All done!

Ok, says the nurse you are all done! Time to call my friend, Craig, and get a ride home. At least someone was here for me! Can’t thank him enough! Time to put this behind me, keep the lessons it has taught me so I can help others in the future!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I know I have a lot to be thankful for!

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