Precious moments..

They often go unnoticed. I’m sure they get lost on me from time to time. This weekend a few didn’t. I lost AJ 3 years ago this week. I had a client cancel, and an emergency new client book me. After having my port taken out I was leery of which dog I would sit. Haley was a seven year old cow dog/bull mix with the sweetest heart and gentlest spirit, and she hung out with me for a few days.

Then today, a message from my regular client. Sitka, another grand cow dog, had passed.

His owner wept when I sent this to him..his beloved Sitka.

Sometimes when the world is throwing giant snowballs at our heads we choose to ignore it’s signs. I keep trying to ignore the blasts of cold. AJ was the best thing that ever happened to me. I bought her a house, moved to Idaho, changed everything I was, and never fought harder for anything in my life. I could’ve moved back to California or Nevada, but that would’ve meant giving up her or at the very least her huge yard and lovely home. If it had been just me, I would have left a few months after moving here. Because of her, I stayed for the first time in my life. I dealt with a million little things I would have never bothered with. I made and lost friends, still was unsettled unprofessionally, but tried many good professions, even found one I liked. I became a good freshwater fisherman and a hunter. I started this company, Andy’s Animals, in honor of her as a way of copeing with her loss and celebrating her life.

Though sometimes coincidences just happen, I try to pay attention. Seek out potential, read the signs, and be present! Not exactly sure why I was back in Belize at the precise time. Maybe I missed a great opportunity? My animals never stop reminding me of life’s fragility, perhaps I should go back to the shelter there? Just to check, you know.

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