I remember watching a true story, feature film with Reese Witherspoon in it. She plays a hiker who has just ventured out on her journey up the PCT, and suffers a major set back right out of the gate. I think it was her stove that didn’t cook the dinner or maybe her shoes that were giving her blisters, but the beginning of her journey was definitely perilous and filled it with pain and anguish.

In late February 2019 I began my journey with a new expedition with Amazon. I researched popular career choices for blind people all and my eyesight is still questionable so I wanted to have a job that would fit with my challenge. Fulfillment by Amazon companies came up more than once, and how this fantastic company was making strides with a new platform for blind sellers blah, blah, blah.

People who have been selling for years couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

I worked tirelessly and studied everything I could possibly find on the subject. If you’ve read any of my past blogs this may have come up from time to time. But I struck out on a journey to start my own FBA company. There wasn’t a thing that didn’t go wrong. Every single time I turned around I was getting screwed by Amazon. Since I started 9 months ago, Amazon has cost me over $10,000 in units that I purchased and they have lost. I wasn’t dishonest. I built the product, bought the product, sent it to them, and EVERYTHING fell apart from there!

At this rate Amazon now owes me WELL over $10000 in lost inventory, but I have decided to let it go and focus on the bigger picture. When I am making a $100 000 a year what will $10 000 actually mean to me. Right now all it does is cause me massive stress and undo scrutiny into my Amazon account. They suppressed 4 of my Products in the middle of Christmas season for absolutely no logical reason except I called asking where my products are.

I always thought the Chinese suppliers were going to be the problem, particularly in this political climate hahaha, boy was I wrong!!! Amazon would be my worst enemy. I must, sit down, shut up, and not focus on the little things that are going to or have gone wrong, but charge ahead on path I have set out on. AND learn Shopify!