Ringy Dingy…

And a new decade begins, the new year starts, people throw out the old thems, promises fly unbounded of the new I’s. Typically I am working which at the moment means watching a dog, because I am great at calming them during fireworks and thunderstorms. Due to the emergency surgery and extended hospital stay, I ended up free for the night. Not having to work, I was thrilled to attend my girlfriend, Linda’s roaring 20’s party.

I got a call from Linda 2 months ago when I was headed home from physical therapy. She said she just left the doctor’s office and had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The only reason I was the first person she called was because I had beat cancer the year before. She trusted my reaction, I presume. There wasn’t a second I had ANY doubt she would make a full recovery. Linda had caught it early through a self examination. 6 months before they had given her a mammogram and she passed so this couldn’t be too advanced. From what she told me the location was the safest possible. I told her all these things with confidence and she felt ready to tell her family. I offered to join her, but my assurance was enough.

After being diagnosed with stage 1, she opted for a double mastectomy. After the surgery they found precancerous cells in the other breast so she was happy with her decision. Later this month she meets with the reconstruction surgeon and puts her body back together.

I just spent a week in the hospital myself after an intestinal blockage sent me into surgery the week before. No matter how shitty I felt with a big zipper of staples up my stomach, I was NOT going to miss her celebration New Years Party! So tonight we rang in the 20’s with hope for the future, and each other’s good health!

I was enjoying the many people coming and going!

I’m not making a resolution or a promise I have no intention of keeping like everyone I’ve ever met. I have done all that I wanted, checked every box on my bucket list, and all of my dreams. I’ve lived a dozen lifetimes, been through heaven and hell, and it’s a miracle I’m still here. I love my friends and family, the place I live, and all that I have! I only need to help others fight their battles, make treatment easier to get, and give them the strength they need to fight. I’m going to be the first to donate to my cause, Relay for Life, and start the year off right!

For all of you reading this, I hope you and yours have a great year, and I wish you all the best this decade!

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