The how, why, when, where, what..

Is that really important?  I’m here now, so what does it matter?   Pick me up, teach me some local slang, dress me accordingly, and sqeeeeeeze me into that round whole.   Pray I don’t break the character of mediocrity unless in very select environments.  Then pray you aren’t there.  That way I still fit.  Women have been doing it forever, but this wash rinse spin has lost it’s vigor.  Women have marched so far above and beyond that the ONLY limitation is oneself!

I’ll say it again,  the only limitation you have is yourself!  Different people terrify the masses!  The incessant need to label limits everyone.  I still don’t want to use the restroom with men everyday, call me anything you want!  It’s shocking how few don’t wash their hands, and I’m not afraid to segregate on a cleanliness counterpunch.  I beg of you to discount me. Why are the men’s restroom lines so fast? The sinks are there for a reason!  Please wash your ball sweat, urine covered paws!  I don’t want the beer you handed to me at the ballpark with your disgusting digits around my rim.  Just sayin’.

Now back to the original topic,  I’ve been around the block, the country, and a bit of the world.  Who cares?  The substance, the juicy details, do they matter?  We can sit down at the pub and have a great time telling jokes or watching the game.  You don’t NEED my backstory and I don’t need yours.  I’ll go along my way, you yours.  (Probably NOT ’cause I’m going to say something that will make me unforgettable or obnoxious.) 

Whether it is my travels, motorcycle trip, living in different places, working on fishing boats, L.A.S.D., writing, fishing, Idaho, most recently cancer but it will be something I chose to give it up that will memorialize me in your mind. I’ll give you a piece of those details and you will never see me the same again.

Devil is in the details! My experiences make me an original. Why be dull?