Think about it…2020

All of you jumping on the 2020 bandwagon to have your special day, remember, you’re not alone. I’m up to 5 MAJOR events that I must attend, only one of which doesn’t require airfare. I get why, makes it easy to remember, unique, but all of us attendees can’t make every engagement and ultimately your gifts are gonna be weak.

After travel, transportation, hotels, 27 dresses, nails, hair, and gifts you can’t expect YOUR day is going to be the one to stand OUT? A budget must be drawn, itemized, prioritized, and cut. Yours just might be the one to end up on that floor no matter how much we love and care. Can’t possibly afford everything or get that may days off work, and it’s frustrating!

Delicate choices must be made, but ultimately many things may end up whistling the tune of mediocrity. Your venue has been booked, and you must settle for less. Wedding coordinators are stretched so thin they are clamoring for help as are the other service departments short on staff, careful of the poor quality. Then there’s the question of years down the road. If I live 10 more years I’m going to have to budget your anniversary gifts. Not one of my 5 biggies have children to worry about, but I’m still going to have to budget your gifts.

Spread it out people, and you could get more gold! I want everyone to have amazing birthdays, weddings and anniversaries! I wish I could be there for everyone, everytime, but maybe 2021 makes YOUR special event even more unique!

Oh yeah…GO NINERS!!!