The answer to why..

We all have our reasons, and my dear friend Karl would sometimes ask me why? He wanted to know why I never picked him to marry, to be with, obviously to enter into a relationship with. Our bond was strong, and we loved each other very much!

I would point to him and point to me and say “this” because of my love for you! I met you when I was 17, and at the age of 45 I’m still friends with you! Other men, marriages are gone, but you and I are still together. 28 years is more important to me than anything. Unbeknownst to me you and I applied for the same job. You bowed out so I could be the first female deckhand in the fleet. I learned later that you let me have the job. The deck boss Steve O was so mad. “A female deckhand? IMPOSSIBLE, women don’t be long on a fishing boat!!”

Karl knew my love for the sea, he understood my desire to be there!

I lived on my boat for a year and he and I would talk for days about philosophy, laugh..Lord how I loved his laugh. His chest would expand, literally, and belt a rough laugh. He was slow to smile, but everything he did was deliberate. He thought about each move and gesture. Karl was neither left or right, but right or wrong. I can say to this day, I loved him and will always miss him! I have no regrets, but as much ad you wanted more, I wanted forever!

You were important to me and my life! I am going to miss you. My heart is shattered into a million pieces. DAMN IT! I wanted a friend for life instead I got a lifelong friend. I pray you rest in peace my dear! You were epic to me!!!!

Never forget! R.I.P.

I could talk about our time together forever, I know why and I believe I was right! Thank you Mondt…

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