So it seems..

Everything seems to come at a price. I SWEAR I made no deals with the devil, but this week made me think. Does the universe exist on the ying yang system. My week started AMAZING! I couldn’t believe how well my new company came together, LIGHTING speed. Just 5 days, and I’m proud to sell a skin care line. (I’ve been working on it for years) Got the first samples with design in the mail!

My first new products!

I’ve made the website! DEFINITELY have glitches to workout, but don’t have to worry about Amazon destroying my company!

Troiya is live, and I’m thrilled! Then the universe YANGS me! I feel ready, equipped, knowledgeable, team in place, and ready to watch my 49ers play in the Superbowl. Bosa is just named Rookie of the Year!!

Bosa just named Rookie of the Year!

1, 2, 3, people I know die. My heart is crushed. These weren’t men in thier 90s, the oldest was a pillar in my life and passed at 63. No one will tell me what is happening, is his cat ok, rent paid, services? I am cut off from the facts and details that I want to know!

I have a sparkling, brand new 2020 Jeep! OMG! I haven’t had a brand NEW car in 27 years!! I can’t believe my bro bought me this! Words cant express the love and support he’s shown to me!

Brother and Sister Unite!

Ying yang, I know Chris was laid to rest today, and I gave what I could. I feel horrible missing the Celebration of Life tomorrow, but I believe I deserve to be happy that my team is going to the Superbowl. Not like I’m spending 10 thousand dollars to be in Miami.

I wish this week would not have been so hard. I wish our friends were back with us. 200 plus jello shots are fixed for the fun bus. The ying/yang this week gave me whiplash, tears, and joy. Seriously Universe, why can’t you do one at a time? Dick

Feeling guilty for being happy SUCKS! I want to be happy and choose it ALWAYS DELIGHT THRILL

At what price?

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