FXCK February!

It’s the 15th and I’m OVER it! I’ve lost 3 friends, a fantastic puppy, 3 friends have lost loved ones, and extremely horrible things are happening all around. I have been conflicted beyond maniacal ups and downs.

My epileptic Annie, see you at the bridge!

I got my first brand new car delivered from California and I got my samples for my new skin care line. Troiya.com was born much to my delight! However these AMAZING moments are foreshadowed by death and pain. My WONDERFUL Brother aptly named it the pain train.

BEAUTIFUL 2020 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk ❤

To start off the month though was the Superbowl. Me, the consummate 49er fan against the world it seemed. All the people in my NFC division jumped ship after losing to the Niners and backed Andy Ried and the Kansas City Chiefs. After the loss I had to agree that they wanted it more. I went on a bus trip to Winnemucca, NV for the game with friends and had a blast!

Of course the halftime show raised.a lit of controversy and debate with half naked women over the age of 40 delivering a risque performance on one of America’s biggest stages. The part that bothered me was Eminem fake slapping J Lo’s ass while she was bent over in front of him. On so many levels I felt that it was going too far. My blog, my opinion.

I’m sad the 49ers lost, but I’m proud of the NFC Champions for turning the team around and finding it’s way! LOVE you! Happy 100th to the NFL!

Great time with GREAT friends!

So with it’s sweets came disastrous loss.

Jan. 29th, close enough

I’m now halfway through the month and things are starting to level out. Somewhat anyway.

I believe that great things are on the horizon. Just after this next hill!

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