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Just as I was giving up on the month, there were the women to lift and inspire me to keep going on the basic level. In April it will be a year since I found ewomennetwork on Facebook. I joined 2 months later.

I’ve met the most gracious women, and tried to help where I could. Yesterday I had a quick lunch with the Chapter leader, Ari Carlson, (no coincidences), and she helped narrow down what my non profit can do to help NOW! I’m incredibly grateful to her.

Then today, WOW, what an AWESOME gathering of many accomplished women who all gather together in order to help, inspire, and collaborate success.

I have personally found my CPA Kristi, my bra lady Lisa, and so many more entrepreneurs including wine, clothing, mortgages, reality, travel, heating and cooling, gas station, banks, coaches, mentors, diet, exercise, gym, there’s no limit to who we are and how we can help one another 🙏🤗❤😍😘💪👠💄👛👜.

Thank you ewomennetwork for giving me hope, centering me back to my goal, and bringing the right people into my life. The universe called at the right time for more than a few women!!

India might need to be visited!

I’m excited for the future and will never let my health determine my success. I’m excited for next month, but more so, April’s Summit with #sandrayancey

The inspiration she gives, EVERY time I see or hear her fuels my passion beyond all! I never want to quit because of her! I consider myself blessed to be apart of her journey and all of these women’s paths.

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