We have all been seeing the alienation of human contact. The disconnect between man as it yields to machine. Face the facts, machine is winning at an unprecedented rate. People’s validity is encapsulated by online presence and if not the children are. Growing up in the 80s we used to name drop to give ourselves importance.

“I know Robert Evans, Wayne Newton, blah blah blah” and most times it worked. However, it was a night, a party, just a few hours to meet and greet some people who might help you IF you fuck them.

Now we have the coronavirus which has existed in animals for years. The World Health Organization is telling people not to shake hands or hug. As if humans need another reason to distance ourselves. I have to go the doctors frequently and get asked all kinds of questions that don’t apply to me. They do tell me what to do.

Before the virus however I learned of this special, selfimposed crap of cutting off good family because they are toxic. Wtf? I’m not perfect but this movement is ludicrous! If you have loving family members please kiss, hug, and love!!

Life is filled with predators, “special” uncles and aunts that leave you feeling insecure and spiteful, friends and not friends who tear your dreams apart, death that knocks at your door for years, now a virus that seeks to separate us further Don’t know a single celebrity that can buy happiness or immunity.

Hold your loved ones, kiss, and let them know they have thier back. Separation is not what we need now!