3/25/2020 official Idaho 21 day quarantine begins…

When I was born 45 years ago, the Vietnam war had ended, urban sprawl took the place of 1000s of acres of orange groves in Southern California where I grew up. I left there years ago, but California has been on lockdown for a week.

I will admit that when Governor Brad Little gave the stay at home order today in Idaho, I drove down an grabbed supplies. NOT a cart full of toilet paper. 21 days, shelter in place, but can I imagine this 30 years ago? That is my question to all. I used to read 3 books a day, REAL books. No cell phone, certainly no smartphone, no internet, some had computers and compuserve, but now we are dependent on the constant interaction with technology and still people are claiming insanity. Why do people feel like they are going crazy after one day? Even the people who have been sequestered for a month in Europe are bored, but the Americans are going ballistic. Foolishly!

Government is acting worse! They are holding people hostage to push agendas. While people want to go to work they fear the loss of paycheck, job, home, utilities and the government is dangling scraps in front of those who desperately need it. In Italy and Spain the government has suspended all mortgages, rents, and utilities while the countries are under house arrest. Not America, no, can’t help the people unless they get a pay raise.

The politics are pathetic. Drama and comedy on such a grandiose scale Garth Brooks couldn’t pack such a house. Tears, laughter, fear, anxiety, is palpable on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lives are being lost above and beyond the virus.

I am used to sitting at home.  Cancer taught me well.  So find a hobby, draw, paint, read, write, clean, cook, but STOP acting like this is going to drive you insane. In reality, you spent plenty of your time wishing you could go home. Careful what you wish for!

One thought on “3/25/2020 official Idaho 21 day quarantine begins…

  1. I think my original comment got lost. Anyway, Life in Big Bear is serene. We Zoom, we Facebook Live, we phone, we text. We are grateful for each other. We have Zoomed Sunday services at the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment, and also meditation several times a week. We say thank you a lot, and stay in touch with our cluster of the Big Bear Community. Life is good.


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