I’m sad…

So my Mother and Stepdad have “decided ” to move to Florida. That is the only option..ARE YOU FUCKING kidding me?

Oh, stepdad of mine, would you?

I cannot agree with this division.

You have no idea the pain I feel not seeing  Mom

When did sacrifices become the compromise?

Fine tear our family apart you ass. How dare you?  Iv’e cried so many tears as you split our small family further and further apart.

I can’t afford to come see you every time I want.  Amber gets to spend time with her Mom, you EX-wife, everyday.    So farther and farther you move with NO intention of coming to see your WIFE’S children.  I’ve cried so many tears, your take horrible care of our Mother I am concerned for her health.  You are the most selfish ASS I’ve EVER known.

Her first husband died in a plane crash and you felt compelled to get a pilot’s licenses.  You didn’t pay your taxes and lost our home, you applied for the job in Springfield without her knowledge for 2 years, you LIED!!!  AS fucking usual!

So I will cry my tears, and let the pain continue because you have ALWAYS done whatever the FUCK you wanted without regard to your wife’s feelings or that of her children!




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