March can go out with the bathwater..

So, this year has had it’s 90 day trial and I want a refund.  The COVID-19 or coronavirus has infiltrated every country and has locked down most in thier homes except first responders, truckers keeping the stores supplied, necessary positions while the general public loses thier incomes, watches the idiots stockpiling toilet paper, and calculates the day they will be released from confinement.

The death toll reached 1,054 in the entire United States. Fear, anxiety, and astonishment seems to be the reaction. Humor has been mine. I love to laugh in times of trouble until tears fall. History is in the making, the books will reflect this time in our lives, criticism will fall squarely on the leaders of our nations. Elected officials will rise and fall in the next year because of this pandemic.

I know that the CDC and WHO gave recommendations and they were followed. People may have ignored the warnings, I was one. I went out a few times. Worldwide 21,297 have died from the virus out of 7,713,468 000. Think about the math. More people die of heart disease and cancer everyday. I won’t let people make this into a political issue if I can help it. We are crippling counties, changing the demographic of societies, and crushing people who sit in their homes out of work.

I pray for us all!

2 thoughts on “March can go out with the bathwater..

  1. There are treatments for heart disease and cancer. There aren’t either for COVID-19. That is part of the hue and cry. We don’t know exactly what the mortality rate is gonna be, especially if the virus mutates. That’s what the fear is all about. In the 60s and 70s, people were afraid of cancer. People died, we didn’t understand why and there was little treatment. Same was true of HIV. NYC is a tragedy in the making. Their pleas for the Federal Government to mobilize companies to produce medical equipment are heartbreaking.


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