What do you know?

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I have readers all of a sudden.  Thank you for taking the time out of your quarantine to stop by, and in such numbers!  WOW!  Perhaps I am interesting.  I prayed long and hard after the tears stopped streaming, calmed my blood pressure, and realized I’m making the one mistake I have spent my life trying to avoid!  I did not accept the things I cannot change.  That flew right out the window!  The strong, independent, and intelligent woman that is my normal facade cracked and fell to pieces over the inevitable disaster.

We face a much larger disaster in this country right now, and I should be strong to all 5 of you that normally read my blog.  I should keep the ghosts in the closet, stand up for my Mother by keeping my mouth shut.  She will do what he wants anyway.  I have no power to change them or change the past.  I should be focusing all my efforts on keeping people’s spirit lifted, helping in anyway I can, and not causing chaos in the 3 families.

Therefore, I will take deep breaths, pray for forgiveness for my vulgarity, apologize to my Dad who is a generous man, friend, and I do love him.  They are both culpable, Mom is an adult after all.  I cannot regret how I feel.  I cannot make the fear for Mom’s health go away.  I think about it everyday as I’m sure it was extremely painful for her not to be able to be with me through cancer.

Now, I will focus my efforts on this coronavirus and make sure that the Boise family I’ve made have everything they need and offer help where I can to my family afar.

I pray for the health of you and your family!  Remain strong and vigilant!  #alonetogether we can beat this!  Stay the F@ck HOME!



4 thoughts on “What do you know?

  1. We love your posts. We love your real human strengths and frailties. And we love you for who you are. Keep up the good work. Life is full of ups and downs for all of us. This too shall pass.

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  2. I will pray for you to be able to let God handle this for us my friend and thank you! I think The hardest thing for all of is is to “let go and let God!” God bless you Andrea!

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