And there it is..Pre-quel

The only person in my family who has ever taken an interest in my blog was Aunt Sherry. I feel compelled to make people understand 2 things. 1) She wasn’t with her wife. 2) Her statement was, “If you weren’t my Sister’s daughter, I’d ask you out.” As a teenager, I saw the other side of it. I was a pre-teen. I already had 3 years of molestation, and I took it as a come on. I did talk to Mom years later and explained why her sister’s presence made me uncomfortable. This is not breaking news.


The one great thing about my Stepdad is he never came on to me. As I said in the last post, he is a very generous man. Unfortunately, he generously gave away Mom’s money as well. He gambled away her house, didn’t pay taxes for years, lost her savings, manipulated her to move to the hell hole of the country (Springfield, MO), and pushing her still further to live in a condo that his Stepdaughter manages in Orlando. Now, health problems plague them both and farther away they go. Mom has a plan of visiting her family on the west coast, but there’s no way she should be traveling now. IN FACT, they should not be moving now. A virus is sweeping across this country, but again, no concern for the health of Mother. Even without the virus, travel for either of them is risky.


So, for me in choosing a mate, I had GREAT insight into what makes a great mate! Users, molesters, opportunists, con men, but I thought I could pick out the criminals. Honestly, I became a cliche, and I don’t like it. When you see bad relationships, people hanging on for the worst reasons, listen to the lies over and over, see your mistakes, the patterns, come on people pay attention! Ignorance is not bliss!!!

So I’ve been asked to take the post down. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You don’t like the truth, tough! Charlotte deserves 5 star everywhere she goes! She deserves her son and daughter. The new plan says she can visit 2 times a year. REALLY? This is the deal? When Dad feels well? When Mom feels well? Like it’s all that easy for her to travel? Heck of a deal! Must be nice being around your daughter every day, Mick. I hope she appreciates you! You don’t appreciate yourself and take care of your own health problems, and you have let your wife fall to pieces with no regard. Your Brother, Uncle, Bill, told me to manipulate you to take care of your foot! Like I had the power? HA!


I will not retract my blog, I will not lie and take them down. I gave the actual quote of Aunt Sherry. Uncle Billy and I talked about opening whorehouses in North Dakota, do the math. I was an adult when he made a pass at me. I am not going to lie and tell you I am innocent! My life is not above reproach, clearly.

Dealing with these 2 families, Harris’ gets the win EVERY TIME! I’m incredibly sorry I ever tried to get Mom and Mickey together. I’m sorry you had to be attached to him for so long. I do understand that once you’ve been with someone who beats the shit out of you, anything is better.

I wish I could walk across the street and see if Aunt Lu LU is ok. Wish I could see Jeff and have dinner with him once in a while. The pain this family has suffered is immeasurable, it seems and yet we forge on. Mouths shut, eyes closed, and deaf to reality is the meal we serve each other each and every day.

3 thoughts on “And there it is..Pre-quel

  1. Andy, I love you and so does Dad. When you feel like talking I am here for you. When you are ready to talk to me and or Dad we re both here. Please call me so we can talk.


  2. There’s no words
    I’m so sorry for all you have been thru. I didn’t know about any of this. You are one tru warrior that never deserved any of this.
    I love you
    Please stay strong


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