Think about this..a story.

You feel great! Your friends and family are happy and healthy. Then you start to feel a little tickle in your throat. You know you’re coming down with a cold, but have the family to run. Unbeknownst to you 10 days ago you grabbed cereal and on it was a germ.

Don’t worry, you’re young and strong. You get over it in a few days. Easy. What’s the issue? Right?

Now your 6 year old grabs the box a cereal. He is looking for a surprise. Then gets in the car, and hangs up his back pack in the foyer. No more schools this year, yay. 8 hours later, the germ is attached to the older sister who is going to the school kitchen that is making food for the elderly.

Let me assure you, no matter who, why, or where this virus started, this is a HORRIFIC virus.

Don’t EVER give up!

Be safe ❤

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