Why? How? Questions!!!

2000 Masks

For months now I’ve been pulling my hair out, staying up until 5 am, combing  every country trying to get masks to our first responders, grocery workers, anyone who needs them!!!    The Chinese Government took full control of ALL manufacturers who made masks, gloves, and all other personal protective equipment or ppes.  That includes companies like 3M, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor&Gamble, ect.  These products are ALL made in China!  I found a few countries that were making them, but they wanted orders of 100,000 or more and I couldn’t afford that!  China was my only choice and no one could sell to me.  January, February, March passed with no release until April 1, 2020.  On that day, strict codes were put in place, new rules and certification requirements, but they could finally export.  Commercial airplanes are being used to get much needed supplies to the USA.  I made my first purchase that day, 2000 masks.  Watching our people on the frontlines with no protective masks was heartbreaking to me!  This is America, and WE can’t get supplies to the people in need?  Watch me!

So, if you don’t know me, I have an Amazon store.  I’ve learned how to find suppliers, negotiate, and import goods to sell on Amazon.  Everything I sell has no place in today’s Coronavirus quarantine, so my sales have tanked, all of my companies’ sales are in the toilet.  I had just enough money to launch one more product on Amazon, but I felt using that money to help people slow the spread of the virus was more important!  The sooner my friends can get their businesses open, go back to work, and halt the crippling of our society the better.  Masks are a necessary first step!  Getting America back is far more important that me!

People now are questioning me though.  How are you going to pay for them is something I get a lot.  I explain that I am asking for donations, but will give them to anyone who needs them.  I will lose money, but if it saves one life, stops the spread, and helps people I don’t see how I can live with myself not to!  I’ve helped other sellers find suppliers that are legitimate.  The questions are kind of funny to me.  Why wouldn’t I find a way to help?  How can I not put myself in debt if little ol’ me can find a way to get them when Governors are saying they can’t!  All of my companies are designed to help people.  Even my for profit companies are to fund my non profit.  Who am I?  I’m the little train that could!  I could get 2000, so I ordered 10,000 more!  7000 are in the air, on their way!

I’m sitting here with pancreatitis, just released from the hospital.  I begged the Doctors to let me go home to recover, knowing these were coming.  I’m doing this because I care about people!  My friends need masks, need to get back to work, are afraid of losing their homes, falling behind on their mortgage, losing their cars, businesses, out of food, lines at the stores, and simply going crazy!    This is the first package going out, 200 masks to Fred Meyer’s Grocery Store’s Manager.  Although he didn’t donate anything, I know the masks are going to help people who desperately need them.  I have several packages ready to be shipped all over the country and pick ups!  Please, let me stay healthy enough to get these out!!


If you need a mask, you can contact me!  http://www.buy2beat.org

If you want to help, I can take donations through PayPal at support@shop2beat.com or you can make a purchase at http://www.shop2beat.com.  

The masks cost me $1 a piece.  If I get enough, I’d be thrilled to buy more and ship anywhere they need to go!!!

Thank you to all of my friends and family for love and support!


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