Well, this sucks…

…and just when things started to come together and my success was in my grasp, BAM, Coronavirus.

Business is in the toilet, haven’t gotten my stimulus check from the government, doing everything I can to turn this extremely bad situation into something positive. I bought 2 thousand masks from China to be delivered to me so I can give to anyone who needs them. Then I ordered 10,000 more when I knew I could get them.

While waiting for them, I fell violently ill from pancreatitis. I ended up in the hospital in the midst of the world’s greatest pandemic in modern times. I was able to talk my Doctor into letting me recover at home, and be monitored via zoom calls. I often wonder 200 years from now if we will be studied in history and kids will go, “What are those?”

“Well, back in the year 2020 a great pandemic spread across the globe killing one percent of the population, and making 10 percent sick with flu like symptoms. In order to stop the spread people had to isolate and work from home. They communicated with their computers through Zoom. A company that was on that ancient internet.

Small businesses were destroyed, and the gap between the rich and the poor widened at an alarming rate in the United States.” said the Teacher.

I wonder if a war will follow this, I’m curious what lies ahead and what will be written in the history books. I hope they don’t talk about our complaints on Facebook, “I’m bored.”, “My kid is driving me insane.”, “I have to get my nails and hair done.”, ect. The complaints of a bunch of pussies.

We are a bunch of spoiled whiners! Very few of us, as a Nation have valid complaints as our number one employer, small businesses, continue to see the chance of reopening slip through their fingers and watch their dreams destroyed. President Trump told the Nation to stay home, and what did the people do? Run out and hoard toilet paper. People are sad and stupid.

I’m stalling on what is really happening, deflecting and I’m sorry. Tough to be honest and real. I’ve carefully put myself back together and the structure is precarious because the mortar hasn’t dried.

Yesterday I had an endoscopy which revealed I had an ulcer. I was in the hospital last week for pancreatitis and one of the test revealed what they thought was and yesterday confirmed. Today they called, now that the anesthesia jas has worn off, to let me know that they found 2 white spots on my esophagus and one in my stomach which they biopsied. Results will be available in 7 to 10 days. EXCUSE ME? You do realize you diagnosed me an ulcer yesterday right? Now you want me to fret for days and make it worse! You are a special kind of STUPID!! FUCK YOU!!!

My mouth cancer started with 3 white dots. I’ve had a lifetime supply of radiation in my mouth. I spent a year on a feeding tube, and I still have problems eating. want to believe and have faith that the biopsies will come back benign. I pray that I won’t have to go through another round, but WHY would they do this to a patient? People can be evil and cruel. I feel like I’m stuck in the book, “People of the lie” by Dr. Scott Peck.

I’ve spent all week helping to get people masks so they can be protected against covid 19. I paid someone to take me down. Ironic!

“Still I won’t let, sorrow bring me way down!” Thank you Dolly!

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