Just fxcking cruel!

I was hospitalized 2 weeks ago with pancreatitis for those not reading this regularly. If you’ve never had the joyous affliction consider yourself lucky! During the barrage of test the Doctor thought she spotted an ulcer. So I was sent home to recover and an endoscopy was ordered. During this procedure two white spots were found on my esophagus and one one my stomach. All three spots were biopsied and I was told we would have the results in 7 to 10 days.

That should catch you up on the most recent occurrences.  Clearly I was stressed about it and doing my best to suppress my anxiety. I pulled deep on my acting skills in order to maintain a normal facade. Then my friend said come down to the lake, fish, camp out a few days, and for me most importantly stop staring at the phone!

Made it to camp!

Its interesting that I’ve fished this reservoir well over a hundred times, but I’ve never personally driven here. Typically I fished from a different ramp as well so I got a little lost. My ex-bestfriend and I would always be in some deep philosophical discussion and I never paid attention.

I did make it for this beautiful eveing, made some new friends, and breathed the moisture air.

I woke up to 20 mph winds and not one person that was going out. I didn’t blame them, back in the day we would have never put the boat in

Fishing out, sad.

So I talked a few happy campers into going shooting. We had a great time trying each other’s weapons, I had a particularly good time with the new AR-15.

Unfortunately the wind continued to howl, but we enjoyed the sun and company at Beaver lake. (That’s for you Johnny!)

The cell service is spotty at BEST! Late in the day, early evening I got 2 horrible messages one from my supplier trying to get me masks that I’m trying to distribute to those in need and one saying my test results were ready and I needed to go to the patient portal. I jumped in my Jeep and drove up to the highest point. I checked the results first, and all ot says is call your Doctor. WTF? REALLY? I’ve been scared from the beginning of this, and now at 8 pm I have to wait to tomorrow. The waiting is cruel! I wish they would save the intel until the results are in hand. I have an ulcer, hello?

Long night ahead!

This morning I woke, started the fire and called the Doc at 8:10. Somehow, the Gods were good and I got through. The nurse was hesitant to give me the results. They are supposed to let the Doctors deliver the news. After asking politely she read it to me line by line. Most of the results had to do with the ulcer, but towards the end I heard the news that had been keeping me up at night. Non moalignant she said twice!! I breathed a sigh of relief and jumped for joy!!

I decided to stay at camp and fish today.  Spread the joyous news to family and friends, and now to enjoy a day without stress and knawing worry.  I am so blessed!

3 thoughts on “Just fxcking cruel!

  1. You deserved some good news, now you can focus on all the good things you were working on! By the way, it looks like you got a little bit of sun!πŸ˜‰

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