The virus..

..I can’t blame it because my angst and unusual anger has nothing to do with COVID19. I wish it were that simple, “LOOK, the virus di it!” So many pieces were in play, but it didn’t help. Like my cancer, smoking didn’t cause it, “But it didn’t help.”

I am officially, as of today, a 2 year cancer survivor. Next hurdle is the 5 year, but my poor body has suffered a tremendous amount of trauma and little pieces keep falling apart. All I can do is face each problem one at a time. For instance I’ve recently been hospitalized for pancreatitis, they found an ulcer so the Doc took me off Naproxen and now I have a nonstop headache and my knee is killing me. Just can’t seem to hit the happy balance. Fortunately, no one is buying my caramels so I’m getting help when ABSOLUTELY necessary. That leads me to the next hurdle

Work, another troublesome topic. I thought when I started my companies that I had diversified well. People will always need a WONDERFUL dog sitter (Andy’s Animals), people will always get married, the elections are just ahead,(Shop2Beat), great new skin care line (Troiya), ect…I was WRONG AGAIN!! Sales across the board down 78 to 100 percent.

In case this is the first blog you’ve read, my Mom and Stepdad are both sick and moving across country to Florida which has a high concentration of pandemic and crime which Mom doesn’t handle well. Aunt LuLu in Laguna is being assaulted by a neighbor. Graffiti, slashed tires, ect

I get tremendous pressure to leave Idaho even though I’ve expressed that I’m happy here. I haven’t resided anywhere this long. I’m part of this community now and I love the people!! AND I feel safe here!

Lastly travel. I was supposed to take 4 trips this year. Maui, Cabo, Newport Beach for Mom’s 75th, and Caribbean cruise for Dad’s 65th. This time last year I was Italy fulfilling my dreams. Right now I’m on a 9 hour drive hold with Delta to find out why the have me on a flight to Los Angeles when I cancelled a month ago.

So, in summation, I’m in pain, (I never understood the headache thing before, got it now!) companies failing, family is definitely bad, friends aren’t a big help, pressure all around and the big REVEAL…I spent all my savings to get masks to those in need. People are so guarded they don’t believe me. So afraid of the hook. I’m simple ok!

The best compliment I ever received was from my ex-boyfriend’s Mom years after we broke up. She said, “Bryan, the best girlfriend you ever had was Andy. She always did what she said she was going to do.”

If I say the masks are free, please pay shipping, they ARE! Getting people back to work is crucial, being safe is crucial, caring, loving, hugging, touching..the new “normal” is BULLSHIT!

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