One of the greats. ..

In this script some iconic one liners were made.

“Just make it look like a football helmet.”

“It’s taym to see the Easter Bunny “

From beginning to end it was a magnificent script and a true stoy.

I could only beg to be this great. I’ve spent most of the day writing to a woman whose daughter is going through cancer. Her eyesight isn’t doing so well.

She has the love of her family and her Mom is by her side. I too was lucky to have my Mom during dark days.

I’d LOVE to give her my strength, but she said her daughter is the strongest person she knows. She’s correct. Real life isn’t easy. You can live your life, no doubt. I was working at a call center for 3 months while my bail bonds license was approved. A person who had years under his belt told me he liked not having to care.

I cannot live my life without care. I don’t work that way. May we all write the words that carry on!

You know I love you more than my luggage..

2 thoughts on “One of the greats. ..

    1. I understand that self preservation is a natural instinct. As Tom will tell you, most of my life was a suicidal effort. What can I say, I always wanted to be with Dad. A seer in Belize told me he reincarnated immediately so I could stop my self destructive behavior. I started the nonprofit a week after I got home.
      Ultimately I just want to help🙏


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