As restrictions are lifted and people return to work I wonder how?

2 main things I’m going to leave here.

1. With all schools out one parent will have to stay home. So, dual income homes will need to downsize. Let’s just say $90,000 a year each. One person out of the equation budget cut in half. Cut out one car immediately. Raise the food budget by two thirds because have to feed the rascals during the day.

2. How do you imagine the economy coming back? The airline industry has sunk. Very few feel comfortable getting back in the air. Tourism will be changed for many years to come.

The U.S. population bought into bullshit! Third world countries are in dire straits but we shouldn’t have shut down this country for a .00023 percent chance of death. A snake has a better chance of taking me down and I beat CANCER!

I’m sorry for the fear mongering sensationalism the hurt you business, family, and grand celebrations! This whole thing is BULLSHIT!!

Gosh aren’t we lucky that a landlord can’t legally evict? My friend is so happy that she can’t afford to pay rent and is harrassed daily. Has yet to receive ANY assistance, is scared because her place of employment is still closed. YIPPEE Good times. 🤬

I’ve taken enough of your time, sorry. Real people need real help.

I heard tonight they need masks in South America. I’ve gotten requests from the Philippines. I’ve shipped to Veteran’s Hospital’s, Cedars, nursing homes ect..

If someone wants to help me, financially I will get them anywhere you want! The stupid U.S. has probably spent a couple of million trying to get them and not delivered!

3 thoughts on “Transition..

  1. The virus is real. Transmission of same is exponential, not sequential. 1.5 million have Covid that we know of. If we had not shut down the mortality rate would have been horrendous — the hospitals would have been overcome. This is just plain math. I am glad I got some basic education. Anyway, had we a prompt, federal response, the shutdown of the economy would have been shorter.


    1. I know that the virus is real. I know the flu is real. I know people are dying right now for no reason. I KNOW THAT getting ppes to first responders is a joke. I can do it every day. The world is full of shit.


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