I’ve been being a little bitch..

It’s true. Sorry. I know better, and have most my life. When a Director friend of mine asked me during the #metoo movement if I was going to call out a Producer who sexually assaulted me in 2002 I said no. He wasn’t even close to being the first. My responsibility is learning from the situation and moving on.

I recognize my posts of late have been profoundly negative, honest, but I’m not one to play the victim unless it’s on screen and I’m getting paid. Just isn’t me. I have no one to blame because while I can’t control what happens all the time I can control my reaction to it.

So, looking upward, I accept that I made critical errors with my companies because I didn’t diversify smartly. Believing the things I invested in would always be in demand was shortsighted, and trying to save the world one year into my budding company was knee jerk and arrogant. I thought once people saw that I could get the impossible I might be able to help massive amounts of people on a large scale.

I’m not saying the dream was too big, but the execution needed more than I gave. I accept that I have made mistakes and now I can correct them. If I give the power to my past, my family, my lack of funds, my health, the virus, the government, or anything else I’ve gone on about then I give that power over me and my capabilities! I will just have to learn from this and find a way to do it better!

Ok, so my goal of 100k by the end of the year may not come to fruition. My January goal was late by 3 months, BUT a little over one year ago I sat without 6 companies on disability making 15k a year. I could have continued that way. A recovering cancer patient, debt free, Andy’s Animals made 3k in 2018. I beat cancer, had 6 surgeries, 45 weeks of treatment, let’s face it my poor body had been through hell. I had every excuse NOT to do ANYTHING!

I chose to play a crazy hand, start a nonprofit, learn a new business I’d never heard of, reach out to strangers, join and participate in the community, get energized, pass it on, and it felt fucking GREAT!

I can’t promise that I won’t slip into wo is me moments, I’m human, but I know what to do when the ball is in my court! LET’S GO!!!

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