I didn’t know

I got home from camp and watched the news in horror. Rodney King all over again but now a movement of hate and violence EVERYWHERE.

You could have stood side by side, stormed the Capitols, written letters. VOTED!

A man (any color) committed a crime. He resisted and tried to evade a charge of using counterfeit money. The officer tackled him to the ground. The officer should have put his knee in the middle of his shoulder blades. The knee does slip, but the officer was trying to apprehend a criminal. S.O.P is to put the knee in between the shoulder blades.

The officer has been charged.


You stupid destructive rioters burning people’s business, livelihoods, streets, stores, freeways..you ARE the cop that killed that criminal. You are tearing your towns asunder. Does that make you happy?

I am ashamed to be an American watching you TOTALLY disgrace this country! If you care write your elected officials. DO NOT DESTROY!!!!

One thought on “I didn’t know

  1. Vote. If you don’t like the politics of us vs them. If you don’t mind that a woman was born in the Ukraine (see Indiana politics), Vote. If you don’t care about the color of their skin, Vote. If you want a United States, Vote.

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