Mom wants to know why…

..fine let’s throw down. Your husband (stepdad) didn’t pay taxes for 3 years so you lost your house. (The place you bought after our Father died, and our HOME!) That place is worth 550k today. Mick found the five thousand each weekend to gamble in Vegas, but paying the bills is not a priority? Taking a minor to Vegas was GREAT plan. I was a kid in Circus Cirus getting busted for drinking a cocktail. GREAT IDEA!

Milton applied for 2 years behind your back to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield. He bullied (your words) you into moving to Missouri. (A place you made him swear you wouldn’t have to live.) I told you how awful it was, you knew, and you still fell for his bullshit!

Mom, you swore you wouldn’t let him bully you into moving again! I believed you! Now off to Orlando you go. I would have believed if you were moving to Boca, Lauderdale, or Miami. The happy delusional bullshit about being able to walk around Disneyworld give me a fucking break. You can barely walk!

Meanwhile, back in Misery, he went and fished for hours on end with his horny brother leaving you alone with no regard to your happiness let alone your health…S.O.P. (biggest run on sentence EVER!!!!)

He bought 20,000 dollars in property behind your back while he bankrupted you. He got a pilot’s license when he turned 40 even thow you lost your first husband (my real Father) in a plane crash. He bought pot from your son before it was legal.

He broke almost EVERY vow. THEN you worked yourself next to death in Misery. 13 hour days in a cold dark computer room. Making you sick, depressed, and gorging on food.

CONGRATULATIONS Dad, Mom’s health is in sharp decline after working at your “dream job.” You’re sick with a heart condition and prostate cancer, but FABULOUS you can go on criuses. Pay for EVERYONE’S trip. The only way Mom can visit me is if I get married or have cancer. Can’t even fly here when I’m in the hospital for 7 days.

When I look at my BEAUTIFUL Mother I want to make her happy and see her healthy. I want the very best for her. Have you EVER wanted that for her, Daddy? Has he EVER put you first, Mom? One birthday, 60th. Not even once a year!

Side bar..

Mick, all Mom wanted was a nice weekend in CA for her 75th Birthday without your kin. You want a cruise in the Caribbean and you’re paying thousands for everyone. How about you put some money in a savings account. Make a truly grand gesture and put Mom ahead of your whims! Better yet, pay your wife ALL the money you lost? My guess is it’s in the 3 million dollar range.

I get that Amber is a priority, Mick. You must pay for your daughter, and you have. You’ve always put her first. Amber’s rent, car, education. Your first family will always be your priority.

I’m sure they need you. For those reading my blog for the first time, you might want to read other posts because this may not make sense. My Stepdad, ALWAYS gets what he wants. Missed his calling as a salesman. No doubt! I would LOVE to see Mom win one round!!


The only person Mick cares about is himself. He doesn’t care about You, Jeff, or Me, unless it suits his gratification.

He couldn’t take two days off and fly out to check to see I was ok? Not once? Really? I had to fly out see him after I almost died! I wanted to have a girls weekend in Laguna, but he had to come too, and turn it into his trip to see the guys. I distinctly remember we had to go to his wife’s house, and eat dinner at his daughter’s restaurant. The only person that is cared for in your marriage is Mick.

I’m over it! I’m sick and tired of him tearing us apart! Further and further you go. Less and less your son and I get to see you. Maybe he’ll let you visit once every 5 years. So probability wise i might see you 4 more times before you die. Guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you live that long. Hope it’s all you’ve ever wanted and are happier than you can stand. I LOVE you!

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