Let’s be real rioters..

Cancer doesn’t control your life, but for me it’s a looming disaster that you have to brace for, every scan.  Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving. Millions go to the doctor for cancer and die. Is that FAIR?  I’m never going to be normal again.  Fair?

Protesters don’t want injustice. I get that. I don’t either.

I went to the Doctors for 6 months, and told them I had cancer. They ignored me. I had the best federal insurance. I can ONLY imagine what it’s like for others. I wonder why you can’t march in the streets for better health care, but no you want to rally behind a violent criminal for justice. Fine. Me, I’ve got bigger fish to fry !

I would love to see real change! No drug dealers spreading crime in your children’s lives. You want to police your neighborhoods..EXCELLENT! Who’s volunteering? Who is quitting their jobs to protect and convict the criminals in your streets? Who’s manning the jails? Who is going to be there? Who’s going to infiltrate your gangs and take them down? Rehabilitate? Council? Drug Test? Or are you going to storm the castle and live off of the tax dollars eating caviar, smoking cigars, and fxcking hookers with big butts? You tell me? M’fckers? Your music presents a real picture of how women will be treated!

Protesters don’t care if the sick get care! Go get high, loot, steal, vandalize, create your stupid gangs, deal drugs, and enforce the opinion others have, your low life fxcks! When you want to have a conversation about equality don’t do it through violence! How does that make you ANY better than the cops who murdered Floyd?  Your movies and music rarely show LOVE, peace, and understanding!  How do want to be treated fairly when you walk around calling each other niggas?  You belittle, kill, have gangs, chose violence and drugs and you think your problem is white privilege?  If you want REAL change, that starts at HOME!  You can do it through LOVE and conviction!

Hospital workers were afraid of covid, now they are afraid to get to thier night shifts from protesters. STOP making people afraid! STOP the pain! STOP the hurting! Peace be with you all! You invoke fear! How are you going to make that better? Then and ONLY then, when no one is AFRAID OF YOU will change your lives!

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