In  a GREAT turn..

..of events people are changing their stories to assimilate the new norm.  After parts of Seattle have fallen into lawless hands, Starbucks coffee is changing policy.  Now, instead of a uniform, workers can wear BLM tshirts.  Now appropriate uniforms are not required at work.  So if I go to work as a police officer wearing a sundress, that’s ok?  The gun belt doesn’t match my shoes so I MUST be being discriminated against.  If I walk down the street topless and get arrested it’s society’s fault I am discriminated against because I’m female.   Is it just women? Native Americans, Black Americans, Mexicans, Chinese (you know, those 3rd generations that thought COVID19 and spread it worldwide)?  Discrimination knows no bounds, and hate, fear is it’s fuel.

You don’t want police oppression and yet you break the law.  I don’t want speeding tickets, so I shouldn’t speed.  Ultimately, you must take responsibility for your actions!  All of them, good and bad.  Inciting change through tyranny and violence is a coup!  Oppression. 

Do you want to take the USA over? Do you think you can? Let me ask you this, what do you want to accomplish? Are people going to listen to George Floyd rap lyrics and charge ahead for your new deal? You made a splash, no doubt ! Well done! You’ve made people more afraid than ever. MLK knew this wasn’t the way. JFK knew better. Mother Teresa knew better.

I don’t wear a uniform at the moment, but I have worn several of them with pride. Ultimately, this placating thing will get old, because it’s FXCKED UP! You apply for a job, job has a dress code, you don’t like it, DON’T TAKE THE JOB!!! SMH!!!

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