As we..

Growing up we make choices that hopefully help us realize our desired fate.  Of course it rarely ends up the nice little package we envisioned.  Life is fleeting and our entitlement is MASSIVELY misguided.  I knew if i finished college, got a degree I could make more money. I’ve been a wild child, entrepreneur, gypsy all my life. I have needed help, asked for it, but never stopped trying to do great things.

I don’t care what, who, why, when or me I will treat you like a friend until you don’t reciprocate.  I smile in the Doc office,  pharmacy, store, office, and most of my friends would LOVE to give you smiles as well.

I have little hate anymore, because honestly it’s not worth my time.  My uncle molested me, my brother’s friends tried to rape me..Sean Cariaga FABULOUS introduction to high school boys.

I’m 45 now and I’m FAR from perfect. I hope I help people.  I pray that fear won’t hold me back.  For some stupid reason I have rejected technology advances.  All my life, and I have been losing my ass playing catch up.  The little girl inside is always trying to catch up because all she heard growing up was computer jargon.  I hated computers!

Only a few of you will understand..I longed for..

I wanted to hug my brother and my Mom.  I wanted to live peacefully, and here’s thing..


Quality people are precious!  Building a life is difficult.  I’m a white pretty 45 year old woman, and try as I might I can’t get a loan.  Covid19 has blown my business to pieces.

I took a shot. Life’s to short.  I won’t quit!

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